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The Awful Adventures of Taenarum and Saskia

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This is a community for the stupid and the potato.

opai is not the stupid.

Or the potato.

The posts contained herein describe the trials and horrors of Taenarum and Saskia as they traverse the treacherous lands of the Kingdom of Loathing, battling hideous beasts and overcoming hoardes of monsters in a perilous race to the death. Well, a race to the end of the game anyway.

Both Tae and Saskia are partaking in a softcore oxygenarian ascension simultaneously, with a maximum of 20 items allowed in total, with no significant advantage to either side (unless, of course, Saskia forgets to take her Mr. A with her).

Winner recieves the ascension reward (canned air) of the loser, to display in his (or more unlikely, her) display case for evermore.

Current progress :

Round One - Day Eight

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Due to the nature of posting, this community is not open to new members. If this is too incoherent, it is because I R TEH SLEEPZ0R.
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